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General Unix Info

Introduction to Unix Comprehensive list of features in Unix (external link)
Basics A brief list of a few basic unix shell commands to get you started
Quick Reference PDF quick reference file with Unix commands
Setting the DISPLAY Variable Having trouble getting graphical applications working in the labs?
Permissions How UNIX file permissions work and how to deal with them
Computing and Processsing PracticesInformation on loads and running jobs on DECF clusters.

Your Unix Account

Login Files More information about login initialzation files
Account Password How to change your password and how to choose a good one
Changing Finger Information How to change what information people see when they finger your euler account
C Shell Information on using /bin/csh, the C Shell Command Interpreter
Tilde How to use the '~' character in csh style shells
Shell Paths How your UNIX shell finds what program you try to run. An introduction to paths

Unix Editors

Emacs Editor A quick-start guide to using the GNU Emacs text editor
Pico Editor A user friendly text editor. Great for novice Unix users
Vi Editor Some hints relating to the use of the UNIX vi editor
Vi practice file A practice tutorial to get you started using vi
Vi quick reference sheet A list of vi commands

Unix Commands

Make How to compile programs using the "make" command
Kill How to interrupt or abort a process using the "kill" command
Finger How to find users' info using the "finger" command
Screen How to run jobs remotely using the "screen" command


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