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Facility Info: Kepler


Kepler is used as the DECF login server. The address is


Kepler is a 1.4 MHz Dell Poweredge 1650 server, running Linux with 2 GB of real memory and 1 GB of swap space


Only secure logins (ssh1 & ssh2) are allowed. For instructions on connecting remotely, go to the SSH help page


Please DO NOT run any jobs on Kepler as it slows down the server for ALL users. Running CPU and memory intensive jobs on kepler may cause it to crash. After logging into kepler, please ssh to another client (1111, 1171, Reindeer, Archipelago). You can check the client's status here


  • By default, Pine users will be using IMAP to access their email. This is part of our effort to move everyone to using IMAP server to retrieve mail. In addition, it should speed up mail access for users.
  • Many more productivity applications are installed on the new server, including OpenOffice, which has simple word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.
  • Computational applications (matlab, mathematica, feap, SAS, etc) are also available.
  • Your email is still


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